The TURBO-Mixer agitators of type DL are suitable as fast-running mixers for all low-viscosity mixing materials.
The agitator is driven by a compressed air motor.
In the standard version, the agitators must not be used in through-flow operation, but they can be designed for this purpose.



The connection to the motor is designed as a sleeve coupling or quick-change coupling. Depending on the application, the agitator is equipped with:

  • of a bearing lantern,
  • a sealing flange or
  • of a sealing lantern (V-ring, shaft seal, mechanical seal, stuffing box, etc.).

For use in hazardous areas, TURBO-Mixer offers a combination with a gap seal / mechanical seal.


The mixer shaft is made of solid material. The stainless steel or steel shaft can be additionally machined – depending on the application environment:

  • Sheathing made of PP or PVDF
  • Coating with ECTFE (Halar) or rubber coating
  • Surface treatment such as ground, polished, nitrided, chrome plated, nickel plated….

The wavelength depends on the operating conditions. Additional storage may be necessary.
The following designs are possible for the mixing paddle:

  • Same material as the shaft (standard)
  • For jacketed or coated shaft: Mixing vane made of plastic (PP or PVDF) or coated.

The connection of the mixing paddle to the shaft (thread, force screws, welded …) depends on the application as well as the number, shape and size of the paddles.
TURBO-Mixer will advise you on mixing blade selection and sizing for the desired application.


The agitator is connected directly to the vessel either by flange or clamp. Or it is mounted on a tripod (with or without container clamping device), a wall suspension or a traverse and from there it is immersed in the container.
The mentioned fixing devices are available at TURBO-Mixer – also designed according to customer specifications.

All mixers are manufactured by TURBO-Mixer in Germany. The components used – such as motors and gearboxes – are German makes. The agitators are designed for the respective application in such a way that optimum energy efficiency is achieved.

TURBO-Mixer configures and manufactures the agitator according to your requirements. Please contact us today.

TURBO-Mixer mixing and processing technology is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

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